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Yvonne McArthur

I’m Yvonne, a fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi writer.

My goal is to transport you into a world of adventure, magic, and courage—and recommend books that do the same.

Why? Because stories inspire me to be braver, try new things, and put myself in others’ shoes. When I moved far away from home, stories helped me connect to the people and places I encountered. Learn more about me.

A man sitting under a tree reading, while light spills up like golden sparks from the pages, illuminating his face.

Your Passport to 5 Magical Young Adult Fantasy Realms

Do you ever endlessly scroll through your library app (or wander through a bookstore) at a loss for what to read next? Well, scroll no more. I’ve got your back—er book suggestions right here.

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"Null"Photo by beryl_snw Public Domain
Fiction | Short Story

She put her hand on Miss Dorman’s desk. It felt cool and smooth. Her skin left sweat marks where it touched. The ruler whistled down. Whap! Whap!