Sun Shines Through It

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Sun Shines Through it is a small poetry chapbook that includes poems about life, loss, and our continual struggle to reach for wonder and hope in the midst of our own flaws and the brokenness of the world around us.

This collection includes poems in a variety of styles, some fun and upbeat, others thoughtful and melancholy, and others deliciously creepy.

Scroll down to read two poems from Sun Shines Through It.

Where is it in the publishing process?

I decided to expand on the original chapbook and write more poems for it, so it is back in development.

There is a mysterious way that good poetry can evoke certain feelings and connect to familiar emotions that seem like magic.  [Yvonne’s] poems do that.  They touch something deep inside me, and the imagery [she] uses is so relatable. These poems are vulnerable treasures.

Shera M.

Read some poems from Sun Shines Through It

Here are a couple of poems from the chapbook. Enjoy!


Sometimes shadows whisper 

like the sound of bamboo,

rustling fingers reaching 

for the wind

… feeling it pass through 

Sometimes he lies on grass,

straining his ears

for the shush shush

of her feet

… imagining her near

Sometimes she stands like 

a tree, sways and breathes,

with her arms stretching 

into atmosphere 

… trying to touch what cannot be


The flagstones are cloaked in a 

skin of dust, scattered this dawn

with the circular prints of 

desiccated rain drops.

Photos, letters, memories. 

These, too, are shadows of living

rounded things: the expressions on 

your faces, your tears and laughs.

The rain came in the night,

Its music soft as sleep.

I did not wake or hear it pass,

but its marks remain, attest.

Your journey takes you on, now,

movement as of wind and cloud.

Leaving me to the transient day,

Grateful, even so, for gifts that were.