Sign of the Rooq

Great for fans of Leigh Bardugo’s King of Scars duology.

Jack Agera looks like an alley cat with unruly hair, sticking-out ribs, and a wall against his back. An assassin has blocked off all his escape routes, except one. And it’s a trap.

This assassin is no ordinary killer.

He murdered Jack’s father.
He vanished from the murder scene between one footstep and the next.
His weapon of choice is a dagger with strange powers.
He might be using Jack as bait.

Jack’s going to kill him. At least that’s the plan, because otherwise Jack will be murdered. So will his friends. So will a legendary being called the Demetrian, a being on which the survival of an entire city depends.

But all Jack’s got in his favor is a knife carved with the sign of the rooq, a hidden affinity for mending world fabric, and a flock of unusual friends:

  • Mairin has a hard-to-chew smile, a history of murder, and a ferocity meter as tall as the city garrison.
  • Quil is a squirrelly-faced prankster with an unhealthy attraction to chili peppers and an itch to prove herself that lands her smack in the middle of danger.
  • Roco walks like he’s leaning into a hurricane, bellows jokes at inappropriate moments, and is so loyal it’s bound to get him killed.
  •  Enid is a not-quite-human train engineer who navigates on the sky tracks of the world fabric and uses rabbits as snot rags.
  • Deem is an airborne train with attitude, the memory capacity of a billion elephants, and a secret eating him from the inside out.

Their chances against the assassin? Not good.

Jack’s father raised him on stories of the impossible. Running is out of the question. But can Jack unravel the mystery behind the assassin’s uncanny powers? Can he do what it takes to save his life and the lives of his friends?

Join Jack, the flock, and the Demetrian on this 95K young adult fantasy adventure. The story leads from the sprawling rooftops of Amenheim City to the blood-drenched meadows of memory to a wound made in the very fabric of the world.

Sign of the Rooq combines the urban landscape and “found family” of Six of Crows with a subtle magic reminiscent of the Graceling Saga.

Power has a dark side.

Where is it in the publishing process?

I’m completing polishing edits and preparing to query agents.

The story, characters, and writing are all excellent!

Jodie R.