Knight & Squire

Small boy climbing a hill in a bright green beanie

Knight and squire, you and I
fierce with lance and sword
chasing pumpernickelsnaps
tree to rodent tree with shouts.

Our bats of quick-tipped foam
Purple and fluorescent green
serving us as chariots as we
adventure in search of queens

The queen of the squirrels
in a city lost (or hidden), waits
beyond floating clouds of mist
as we battle on and try to near

Our assets only this green bat
An old dried shoe, a muddy lake
But we can see the city clear
with our hearts and minds unmask

This tree, this stone, a grand old gate
And there the servant houses
Run! Run, my squire, the hippo
guard has seen us through the mud

He chases us before we find
between some somber sticks
a portal to another world
where fairies lose their hats

Here the bitter song is wind
that shall not fool us
We find the creatures on a bush
like berries hibernating

There the willies, little reds
and here the willy basher
And there’s the road to home
between a corridor of trees

Tomorrow we shall go by ship
This bat will be our mast
I will navigate the stars
and you shall be our captain

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