Hey Book Lover!

Yvonne McArthur reading a book in front of shelves of books.
That happy feeling when you’re immersed in a great read

Do you ever endlessly scroll through your library app (or wander through a bookstore) at a loss for what to read next?

Or worse, you pick up one that looks promising and it ends up being TERRIBLE?

Well, if you’re a young adult fantasy fan, I’ve got your back. (Woot woot!)

Think of me as your trusty sidekick handing over swords–er, book suggestions–whenever you need them.

The rundown of what you get:

To start, I’ve put together a list of 5 GREAT fantasy series that will transport you into magical worlds of adventure.

I love these books, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Still not convinced? Well, there are 19 books between the 5 series, so they should keep you reading for a while… I mean, at least a couple of weeks.

Send me the books already!

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